Welcome to the Marblehead Female Humane Society, Marblehead’s Oldest Charitable Organization.

Our Mission

For 200 years, the Marblehead Female Humane Female Humane Society has remained faithful to its original mission of quietly and respectfully helping Marblehead residents in need.


MFHS Executive Board

Directress:   Lee Bartlett Weed

Assistant Directress:   Barbara Spiess Miller

Clerk:  Judith Goodwin O’Leary

MFHS Board of Directors

Jessica D.H. Barnett                                Judy Jacobi

Joyce Booth                                              Karyn V. Lang

Harriet Bull                                              Rita March

Marsha G. Christensen                          Pam M. Peterson

Jane Faulkner                                          Pamela L. Schalck

Pamela Foye                                             Susan Feinberg Stelk

Barbara Titcomb Ingalls                        Carol Swift

Financial Secretary:  Linda Cardile